Top 5 Soccer Goalkeepers in the World

Goalkeepers are the final line of defense against opposing attackers. They make electrifying saves and game-winning plays, and they are crucial to the success of their team. A team with a great goalkeeper rarely has to worry about errors and can rely on their goalkeeper to bail them out after a defensive breakdown. However, a team with a bad goalkeeper can often lose games because of their mistakes that lead to goals. While goalkeepers don’t get much time in the spotlight, their actions can decide the outcome of a soccer game. This list is based on saves, clean sheets, wins, and errors leading to goal. Now, for the Top 5 Soccer Goalkeepers in the World list.

5. Ederson Moraes

Saves: 68 | Clean Sheets: 16 | Wins: 24 | Errors leading to goal: 3 | Appearances: 35

League: Premier League (England)

Team: Manchester City

Ederson is the best passing goalkeeper in the world. The Brazilian international is confident with the ball at his feet and he accurately distributes the ball over long distances. He also holds the record for the longest drop kick in Guinness world record book (237 feet), which is a testament to his kick power. Aside from his world-class passing skills, he is a great shot-stopper, with 68 saves in the Premier League last season. Similarly to Marc Andre Ter-Stegen, he is a “sweeper-keeper” who rushes off his line to pressure oncoming attackers. Ederson also has great decision-making, great composure, and he organizes his backline with strong leadership.

4. Marc Andre Ter-Stegen

Saves: 81 | Clean Sheets: 14 | Wins: 25 | Errors leading to goal: 3 | Appearances: 36

League: La Liga (Spain)

Team: Barcelona

Marc Andre Ter-Stegen is a tall, agile and consistent goalkeeper. He has quick reflexes with great shot-stopping and aerial abilities. The German keeper is also a “sweeper-keeper” as he plays like a final defender and a goalkeeper, often rushing off his line. Additionally, he is a good passer which allows Barcelona to play out of the back effectively. With 81 saves and 25 wins in 36 appearances, Ter-Stegen is the 4th best goalkeeper in the world.

3. Manuel Neuer

Saves: 81 | Clean Sheets: 15 | Wins: 29 | Errors leading to goal: 1 | Appearances: 33

League: Bundesliga (Germany)

Team: Bayern Munich

A world-class goalkeeper who has been at the top for years, Manuel Neuer hasn’t shown much sign of slowing down. This season, he helped Bayern Munich win multiple trophies, including the Champions League and the Bundesliga. He had 81 saves, 15 clean sheets, and 29 wins in just 33 appearances. In addition to this, he had inly 1 error leading to a goal. Although he is not a wonderful passer like Ederson, he is a shot-stopper comparable to Jan Oblak. However, in his prime, the Slovenian doesn’t come close to beating Neuer. With 81 saves and a 77% save rate, Neuer checks in at number 3 on this list.

2. Alisson Becker

Saves: 58 | Clean Sheets: 13 | Wins: 23 | Errors leading to goal: 1 | Appearances: 29

League: Premier League (England)

Team: Liverpool

Alisson is the second best goalkeeper in the world, and in his first two seasons at Liverpool, he helped them win the Champions League and the Premier League. This season, he is looking to defend the Premier League title and continue on Liverpool’s path of success. Alisson is a confident and world class shot-stopper who wins Liverpool games by making unbelievable saves. In addition to his shot stopping, Alisson is a great leader who organizes Liverpool’s defense and allows them to play out of the back with his great passing skills. Alisson Becker is just what Liverpool needed to complete their super team, and it looks like he’ll be a Liverpool player for years to come.

1. Jan Oblak

Saves: 82 | Clean Sheets: 17 | Wins: 18 | Errors leading to goal: 1 | Appearances: 38

League: La Liga (Spain)

Team: Atletico Madrid

Jan Oblak is undisputedly the best shot-stopping goalkeeper in the world. The Slovenian has lightning fast reflexes and he is a strong, athletic, and agile goalkeeper. He commands his box with expertise and he is great aerially. In addition to his goalkeeping skills, he has been praised for his strong work ethic and leadership. Throughout his career at Atletico Madrid, he has had an 80.2% save rate, the highest of any goalkeeper since 2014. With this impeccable save rate, he deserves the number 1 spot on this list.

The Top 5 Soccer Defenders in the World

Although defenders don’t get the same attention as forwards and midfielders, they are just as important. Not only do defenders prevent the other team from scoring, but they also help their team on attack. There are two main types of defenders, outside defenders (wing-backs) and inside defenders (center-backs). Wing-backs are usually faster than center-backs and they combine that speed with technique to defend and attack. On attack, wing-backs provide width and cross the ball into the box towards attackers, but on defense, they prevent wingers from creating chances. Center-backs are usually slower and stronger than wing-backs. They are the players controlling the defense and making goal-saving tackles in the center of the field. On attack, center backs usually just pass the ball to midfielders or attackers, but they are aerial threats during corners and free kicks. This list for the top 5 soccer defenders was based on tackles, duels won, clean sheets, goal involvements and chances created.

5. Clement Lenglet

League: La Liga (Spain)

Team: Barcelona

Clean sheets: 12 | Appearances: 28 | Total duels: 228 | Tackles: 44 | Goal involvements: 3

A long ball master and a disciplined defender, Clement Lenglet is a hugely important part of Barcelona’s team. At the beginning of his career, there were concerns over his discipline, but this season, he has proven that he can keep a cool head and lead his team. In a time where Barcelona have been struggling, Lenglet has brought the energy and discipline they needed. Although they had an extremely disappointing season, Barcelona is beginning a new chapter, and Clement Lenglet may be the starting center-back for years to come. This season, he amassed 44 tackles and had 12 clean sheets in 28 games, proving his importance in Barcelona’s back line. Note: Duel breakdown was not available for Clement Lenglet.

4. David Alaba

League: Bundesliga (Germany)

Team: Bayern Munich

Clean sheets: 14 | Appearances: 28 | Duels won/lost: 153/102 | Tackles: 30 | Goal involvements: 2

A versatile player and born leader, David Alaba leads the Bayern Munich team to victory from the center-back position. Throughout his career, he has played mostly left-back, but recently he has moved to center-back. He is a great defender and passer, and he is a free kick specialist. He is technically gifted, and he creates chances for his team with long balls and through balls. Another important attribute of Alaba is his consistency, which has allowed him to win 9 league titles and stay at the top of world football. This season, he won the Bundesliga title, the DFB Pokal, and the Champions League.

3. Sergio Ramos

League: La Liga (Spain)

Team: Real Madrid

Clean sheets: 17 | Appearances: 35 | Total duels: 279 | Tackles: 46 | Goal involvements: 11

Sergio Ramos is an athletic beast and he uses that athleticism to strike fear in his opponents. He is an aggressive and tough center-back which is why he has been at the top of world soccer for so many years. This season, he led Real Madrid to a La Liga title by scoring 11 goals and having 17 clean sheets. He scored 3 header goals, 6 penalty goals, and 1 free kick goal. He is a set piece master and his 93% career penalty conversion is a testament to his ability. In addition to his goal scoring and defending, Ramos is a great passing center-back, with 91% pass completion this season. Although many see Ramos as a “dirty” and “overconfident” player, I think these qualities and his will to win are some of his most important attributes. Note: Duel breakdown was not available for Sergio Ramos.

2. Trent Alexander-Arnold

League: Premier League (England)

Team: Liverpool

Clean sheets: 12 | Appearances: 38 | Duels won/lost: 100/135 | Tackles: 55 | Goal involvements: 17

The 2019/2020 Young Player of the Year, Trent Alexander-Arnold is the best right-back in the world. He is an integral part of both Liverpool’s electrifying offense and their stonewall defense. This season, Liverpool had a record-breaking Premier League title season, and he was a huge part of that success. He scored 4 goals and gave 13 assists, setting up teammates like Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mané to score. On attack, he strikes fear in his opponents because of his pinpoint crossing ability. He is also a set piece master, constantly creating chances from corners and free kicks. On defense, he has a tackle percentage of 62% and he is always winning the ball back for his team. In my opinion, Trent Alexander-Arnold is the best wing-back in the world and he is deserving of the number two spot on this list.

1. Virgil Van Dijk

League: Premier League (England)

Team: Liverpool

Clean sheets: 15 | Appearances: 38 | Duels won/lost: 239/81 | Tackles: 23 | Goal involvements: 6

The 2018/2019 Premier League Player of the Year, Virgil Van Dijk is the final player on this list. He is the best defender in the world, and he is one of the main reasons for Liverpool’s recent success. Before his transfer to Liverpool, they had not finished in the Top 3 of the Premier League for three straight seasons. However, in the season after Van Dijk’s transfer, Liverpool finished second in the Premier League and won the Champions League. Then, this year, they won the Premier League in a record-breaking season. Many attributed Liverpool’s success to the “Van Dijk Effect” because of his leadership skills and his defending prowess. With a great clean sheet to games ratio, and his crucial part in Liverpool’s recent success, Van Dijk thoroughly deserves number 1 on this list.

The Top 5 Soccer Midfielders in the World

On every soccer team, the midfielders are the maestros and they control the game from the middle of field. There are three main types of midfielders, defensive midfielders, attacking midfielders, and outside midfielders. Although there are different types of midfielders, all midfielders attack and defend, which is part of what makes their job so hard. Defensive midfielders constantly win the ball back for their team using athleticism and power. Attacking midfielders use technique and vision to find open teammates and create chances for their team. Outside midfielders like to receive the ball on the outside and get past defenders with speed and quick dribbling. Without further ado, here is the Top 5 Soccer Midfielders in the World list. Note: This list is based on stats like minutes per goal involvement, chances created, and minutes played.

5. Luis Alberto

League: Serie A (Italy)
Team: Lazio
Goals: 6 | Assists: 15 | Minutes per goal involvement: 145 | Key passes: 106 | Chances created: 121

Luis Alberto is one of the best playmakers in the world and he is the maestro of Lazio’s attack. He has brilliant technique which he shows every time he plays a through pass to set up his teammates or he scores a beautiful free kick. This season, Luis Alberto led his team to 4th place in the Serie A, only 5 points behind first place. However, the Spaniard’s career has not always been smooth-sailing. For years, Luis Alberto bounced around from team to team, never able to maintain a starting spot on a top team. Now, he is the heartbeat of Lazio and is, in my opinion, starts the list on the top 5 soccer midfielders in the world.

4. Alejandro Gomez

League: Serie A (Italy)
Team: Atalanta
Goals: 7 | Assists: 14 | Minutes per goal involvement: 135 | Key passes: 102 | Chances created: 116

In terms of play style and strengths, I would compare Alejandro Gomez to Lionel Messi. Although he is not on Messi’s level, Alejandro Gomez is quick, an elegant dribbler, a great passer, and just as good of a finisher. A true number 10, Gomez has led Atalanta to 3rd place in the Serie A with 116 chances created. Although he doesn’t score as much as other players on his team, he pulls all the strings for Atalanta.

3. Bruno Fernandes

League: Premier League (England)
Team: Manchester United
Goals: 16 | Assists: 14 | Minutes per goal involvement: 91 | Key passes: 93 | Chances created: 107

Since moving from Sporting CP to Manchester United in January, Bruno Fernandes has won back to back Premier League Player of the Month. He has also helped Manchester United secure Champions League qualification for next season. When he first joined Manchester United, they were in 6th place, but by the end of the season, they finished in 3rd place. Not only has Manchester United produced better results since Bruno Fernandes joined, but they have become more fun to watch because their quality of play has also vastly improved. With the third highest minutes per goal involvement on this list and the profound effect he has had on Manchester United, Fernandes thoroughly deserves the number 3 spot.

2. Thomas Müller

League: Bundesliga (Germany)
Team: Bayern Munich
Goals: 8 | Assists: 21 | Minutes per goal involvement: 78 | Key passes: 84 | Chances created: 105

Thomas Mullër is a great finisher and playmaker, which has allowed him to be one of the most important players on Bayern Munich. This season, he helped them to a Bundesliga title and so far, to the Champions League semifinals. On Friday night, Mullër had two goals and an assist in an 8-2 victory over Barcelona in the Champions League. With this win Bayern advanced to the semifinals of the Champions League and Mullër won Man of the Match. With the lowest minutes per goal involvement on this list, Mullër takes the number 2 spot.

1. Kevin De Bruyne

League: Premier League (England)
Team: Manchester City
Goals: 13 | Assists: 20 | Minutes per goal involvement: 85 | Key passes: 136 | Chances created: 156

Kevin De Bruyne is the engine and the playmaker of Manchester City, one of the best attacking teams in the world. This season, De Bruyne led his team to 2nd place in the Premier League and Manchester City are currently in the quarter-final of the Champions League. He is a world-class passer and with great long-range shooting skills. In addition to his playmaking and shooting, De Bruyne is an adept free kick taker. He has the most goal involvements of any midfielder with the most key passes and chances created in any of the major European leagues. Also, two of his best forwards are top 5 on the list for most chances missed in the Premier League, which shows that he could have even more assists. With the best stat line on this list in the most intense league in the world, De Bruyne takes the number one spot on the list of top 5 soccer midfielders in the world.

Bayern Munich embarrass Barcelona to advance to Champions League semifinals

Today, Bayern Munich beat Barcelona 8-2 in the Champions League quarterfinals. This is Barcelona’s worst loss since 1943 and their worst ever loss in the Champions League. Bayern Munich had 28 chances to Barcelona’s 6 and 13 shots on target to Barcelona’s 5. At the beginning of the match, both teams were playing evenly, but after the 20th minute, Bayern took over. Thomas Mullër scored the opening goal of the match in the 4th minute after a 1-2 combination with Robert Lewandowski and a great volley finish. Then, Bayern Munich’s defender David Alaba scored an own goal in the 7th minute trying to block Jordi Alba’s cross. After the own goal, both teams had chances but could not find the back of the net. However, in the 22nd minute, Serge Gnabry dispossessed Sergi Roberto near Barcelona’s 18 yard box and played a through ball to Ivan Perisic who coolly shot the ball back across Marc-Andre ter Stegen for Bayern Munich’s second goal. This goal opened the floodgates and allowed Bayern Munich to take a commanding 3 goal lead by the end of the half, with goals from Serge Gnabry and Thomas Mullër.

After halftime, Barcelona replaced Sergi Roberto with Antoine Griezmann and began to show signs of coming back. Then, Luis Suarez scored from the top of the box in the 57th minute after a pass from Jordi Alba. However, Barcelona’s chances of coming back were diminished when Alphonso Davies assisted Joshua Kimmich in the 63rd minute. In the last 10 minutes of the game, Bayern Munich scored 3 goals to cap their triumphant win. Robert Lewandowski and Philippe Coutinho scored these last three goals, with Coutinho scoring two. I think the Man of the Match was Thomas Mullër as he finished the game with 2 goals and an assist.

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The Top 5 Soccer Forwards in the World

On every soccer team, there are four groups of players, the goalkeeper, the defenders, the midfielders, and the forwards. The forwards play in attack and are usually the players who score. Whether it is playing the final pass before a shot, crossing the ball into the box, or scoring a goal, a forward is involved in almost every attack. Forwards combine athleticism and technique to create goals for their team. Some forwards prefer to shoot long-range shots and stay near the opponent’s goal. Yet, others like to receive the ball on the flanks and look to cut inside or cross the ball. Here is the Top 5 Soccer Forwards in the World list which is based on stats such as goals per game and league difficulty. Note: Players like Mbappé and Neymar have been left off this list because they did not play enough games.

5. Sergio Aguerö

League: Premier League (England)

Team: Manchester City

Goals: 16 | Assists: 3 | Minutes per goal: 91 | Minutes per assist: 484 | Minutes per goal involvement: 76

Sergio Aguerö is a world-class finisher with crafty dribbling. He is always in the right place to score goals and he is one of the main reasons why Manchester City is such a great attacking team. If it weren’t for his injury, he definitely would have been a golden boot contender and higher up on this list. With the fourth-highest minutes per goal involvement whilst playing in the most competitive league in the world, he is deserving of being number 5 on this list.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo

League: Serie A (Italy)

Team: Juventus

Goals: 31 | Assists: 4 | Minutes per goal: 94 | Minutes per assist: 729 | Minutes per goal involvement: 83

The best 1-one-1 attacker in the world and one of the greatest players of all times, Ronaldo has everything you could ask for in a striker. He is an aerial threat, one of the best finishers in the world, freakishly athletic, and a great dribbler. He has been one of the best players in the world for many years and at the age of 35, he doesn’t seem to be slowing down. A born winner, Ronaldo never lets his team lose without putting up a fight in the way of scoring goals.

3. Jadon Sancho

League: Bundesliga (Germany)

Team: Borussia Dortmund

Goals: 17 | Assists: 16 | Minutes per goal: 134 | Minutes per assist: 143 | Minutes per goal involvement: 69

Jadon Sancho is a fast forward with impeccable dribbling and world-class 1-on-1 skills. At Dortmund, he plays as a striker, a winger, and sometimes a center attacking midfielder. However, he mostly plays striker and winger which is why I included him on this list. He has great decision-making skills, picking out great passes to set up a goal or dribbling, and finding space to shoot. With the second-highest minutes per goal involvement, Sancho deserves the number 3 spot.

2. Robert Lewandowski

League: Bundesliga (Germany)

Team: Bayern Munich

Goals: 34 | Assists: 4 | Minutes per goal: 81 | Minutes per assist: 689 | Minutes per goal involvement: 73

The best finisher in the world and a goal-scoring machine, Lewandowski led his team to a Bundesliga title this season. Finishing with the second-most goals in any of the top five European leagues, Lewandowski is thought of by many as being was robbed of the Ballon D’Or because the award won’t be given out due to Covid-19. Although he had a higher minutes per goal involvement than Jadon Sancho, he played about 600 more minutes, which is why he is higher up on the list.

1. Lionel Messi

League: LaLiga (Spain)

Team: Barcelona

Goals: 25 | Assists: 21 | Minutes per goal: 115 | Minutes per assist: 137 | Minutes per goal involvement: 62

Messi dribbles through defenders with ease and always finds space to shoot or finds an open teammate. He is the engine of Barcelona and he constantly creates chances for his team. Although he doesn’t play in the hardest league, year after year he has proven himself to be one of the best players of all time. Also, while he didn’t have as many goals past seasons, he made up for it by having a career-high in league assists. With the most goal involvements on this list, Messi thoroughly deserves to be at the number one spot.

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Top 5 Soccer forwards


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