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Joe Thornton Signs New Contract with Leafs

1 year, $700,000, 1-way. Well, the aging veteran got his wish. Well, kind of. Jumbo Joe Thornton wanted to be on a winning...

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Dadanov Signs with Senators!

3 years, $15,000,000, 1-way. Evgeni Dadanov signs a new contract with the Ottawa Senators! The former Panthers top line winger has signed a...

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Habs have Signed Brenden Gallagher!

6 years, $39,000,000, 1- way (Starts at 2021-22 NHL Season) The Montreal Canadiens have never ceased to be busy this offseason! We have...

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NHL 2020 Arbitration Hearing Dates

Every NHL offseason, we have a lot of signings, trades, offers, etc. Obviously, some offers will go above and beyond to get a certain...

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Jake Allen signs an Extension with the Canadiens

2 years, $5,750,000, 1-way. (Starts at 2021-22 NHL Season) Salut, Montreal! The Montreal Canadiens have confirmed an extension with the recently acquired Jake Allen that...

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