MLB Releases New Playoff Format for 2020 Season


This year the MLB Playoffs will look a little bit different. On Thursday the MLB announced that the 2020 playoffs will be expanded from 10 teams to 16 teams. The expansion would guarantee a $50 million player poo according to USA Today.

The Format

The expanded playoff format will feature 16 teams instead of the normal 10. This means that the top two teams in each division will qualify for the playoffs. The other remaining spots will go to the team with the best record that did not finish first or second in the division. The top two team in each league will get a bye and play in the divisional round.

Wild Card Round

With the new playoff teams, the format of the wild card has changed as well. The wild card round will consist of two other division winners and the teams in the wild card spots. They wildcard round will consist of three game series. THe Higher seeded team will host all three games.

Divisional Round

The divisional series will not change much but the teams that got the bye through the wild card round will get to chosse thier opponent for the divisional round. The divisional round will be the same lenght as the previous format at 5 games series.

Championship series and world series

From the divisional series on the game will be in the same format as before. The Championship series and the world series will be 7 games.

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