Ravens vs Washington Football Team Post Game Analysis


Offensive Line

Ronnie Stanley was inactive for the Ravens vs Washington Football Team game after he got banged up in the Chiefs fiasco. The Ravens moved Orlando Brown to left tackle and sent D.J. Fluker to right tackle. Despite the change, the Ravens did a good job protecting Lamar Jackson. The Washington Football Team sacked Jackson one time. The Ravens ran for 144 yards, as they continue to spread the ball around to everyone in the backfield.

Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson had a decent day on the road. He went 14 of 21 totaling 193 passing yards, two touchdowns, and his first interception since December 2019, which was against the Bills. Jackson also added to his career highlight reel as he snapped off a fifty-yard touchdown run. The interception wasn’t completely Jackson’s fault. The Ravens were trying to score right before the half, and Jackson threw an out to Miles Boykin.

Jackson was under pressure, and he threw the ball a little earlier then he wanted to. Kendall Fuller broke on the ball well before Boykin and recorded his first, of two, interceptions on the day. Boykin was sluggish and didn’t make his cut. Jackson should have held the ball another half-second, but Boykin needs to go and get the ball. Boykin has not been impressive through the first games of 2020, and if he wants more playing time he needs to start making plays. A veteran receiver would have caught the ball, but instead, it was intercepted.

Deep Ball

The Ravens struggled going deep. On passes over twenty yards, Jackson went 3/7. Jackson missed all day on the go route. He had Marquise Brown a couple of times wide open as well as an open Miles Boykin. Jackson worked on his deep ball in the offseason, but he has really struggled throwing the ball down the field in 2020.


The Ravens for a fake punt and executed it perfectly. Sam Koch threw a comeback route to Boykin who picked up the first down. It wasn’t an easy throw. Comeback routes are predicated on timing. Very few punters can deal with those types of routes, but Koch can and did. In his career, Koch is 7/7 passing, including five first downs. Koch has 82 career yards and a QB rating of 115.5, which is the top QB rating of any player to throw a pass in Ravens franchise history.

Defensive Line

The Washington Football Team has one of the worst offensive lines in the league. They also started a quarterback in Dwayne Haskins, who holds the ball longer than almost any other quarterback in the league. Yet, the Ravens only sacked Haskins three times. One of those sacks was gift-wrapped to Jaylon Ferguson. The Ravens need to figure out their pass rush. Even when they blitz they aren’t getting to the quarterback.

Mark Andrews

Mark Andrews made an impact for the first time since the week one showdown with the Browns. Andrews recorded three receptions, two of which were touchdowns. Still, three receptions aren’t much to talk about. The Ravens need to focus on getting Andrews involved early in the game to get his confidence level high. Andrews has shown worrying symptoms of lack of confidence, and the Ravens need to feed him the ball early on.

Here was my takeaway from the Ravens vs Washington Football Team Game from this past week.



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