Top 5 Soccer Goalkeepers in the World


Goalkeepers are the final line of defense against opposing attackers. They make electrifying saves and game-winning plays, and they are crucial to the success of their team. A team with a great goalkeeper rarely has to worry about errors and can rely on their goalkeeper to bail them out after a defensive breakdown. However, a team with a bad goalkeeper can often lose games because of their mistakes that lead to goals. While goalkeepers don’t get much time in the spotlight, their actions can decide the outcome of a soccer game. This list is based on saves, clean sheets, wins, and errors leading to goal. Now, for the Top 5 Soccer Goalkeepers in the World list.

5. Ederson Moraes

Saves: 68 | Clean Sheets: 16 | Wins: 24 | Errors leading to goal: 3 | Appearances: 35

League: Premier League (England)

Team: Manchester City

Ederson is the best passing goalkeeper in the world. The Brazilian international is confident with the ball at his feet and he accurately distributes the ball over long distances. He also holds the record for the longest drop kick in Guinness world record book (237 feet), which is a testament to his kick power. Aside from his world-class passing skills, he is a great shot-stopper, with 68 saves in the Premier League last season. Similarly to Marc Andre Ter-Stegen, he is a “sweeper-keeper” who rushes off his line to pressure oncoming attackers. Ederson also has great decision-making, great composure, and he organizes his backline with strong leadership.

4. Marc Andre Ter-Stegen

Saves: 81 | Clean Sheets: 14 | Wins: 25 | Errors leading to goal: 3 | Appearances: 36

League: La Liga (Spain)

Team: Barcelona

Marc Andre Ter-Stegen is a tall, agile and consistent goalkeeper. He has quick reflexes with great shot-stopping and aerial abilities. The German keeper is also a “sweeper-keeper” as he plays like a final defender and a goalkeeper, often rushing off his line. Additionally, he is a good passer which allows Barcelona to play out of the back effectively. With 81 saves and 25 wins in 36 appearances, Ter-Stegen is the 4th best goalkeeper in the world.

3. Manuel Neuer

Saves: 81 | Clean Sheets: 15 | Wins: 29 | Errors leading to goal: 1 | Appearances: 33

League: Bundesliga (Germany)

Team: Bayern Munich

A world-class goalkeeper who has been at the top for years, Manuel Neuer hasn’t shown much sign of slowing down. This season, he helped Bayern Munich win multiple trophies, including the Champions League and the Bundesliga. He had 81 saves, 15 clean sheets, and 29 wins in just 33 appearances. In addition to this, he had inly 1 error leading to a goal. Although he is not a wonderful passer like Ederson, he is a shot-stopper comparable to Jan Oblak. However, in his prime, the Slovenian doesn’t come close to beating Neuer. With 81 saves and a 77% save rate, Neuer checks in at number 3 on this list.

2. Alisson Becker

Saves: 58 | Clean Sheets: 13 | Wins: 23 | Errors leading to goal: 1 | Appearances: 29

League: Premier League (England)

Team: Liverpool

Alisson is the second best goalkeeper in the world, and in his first two seasons at Liverpool, he helped them win the Champions League and the Premier League. This season, he is looking to defend the Premier League title and continue on Liverpool’s path of success. Alisson is a confident and world class shot-stopper who wins Liverpool games by making unbelievable saves. In addition to his shot stopping, Alisson is a great leader who organizes Liverpool’s defense and allows them to play out of the back with his great passing skills. Alisson Becker is just what Liverpool needed to complete their super team, and it looks like he’ll be a Liverpool player for years to come.

1. Jan Oblak

Saves: 82 | Clean Sheets: 17 | Wins: 18 | Errors leading to goal: 1 | Appearances: 38

League: La Liga (Spain)

Team: Atletico Madrid

Jan Oblak is undisputedly the best shot-stopping goalkeeper in the world. The Slovenian has lightning fast reflexes and he is a strong, athletic, and agile goalkeeper. He commands his box with expertise and he is great aerially. In addition to his goalkeeping skills, he has been praised for his strong work ethic and leadership. Throughout his career at Atletico Madrid, he has had an 80.2% save rate, the highest of any goalkeeper since 2014. With this impeccable save rate, he deserves the number 1 spot on this list.

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