Who Will be Next in Line to Reach MLB Milestones?

  1. 3000 Hits

As of right now, there are only 3 active players who are over 2000 career hits, and that’s Miguel Cabrera (2819), Robinson Cano (2576), and Nick Markakis (2355). Miguel Cabrera should have no problem reaching 3000 hits as he’s still an everyday player and signed in Detroit for another 3 years through 2023 and only needing less than 200 hits, he should be able to reach 3000 by next year sometime as long as he avoids injury. Cano is an entire season and a half worth of hits away from Cabrera but is also signed through 2023. Cano however does seem like he is slowing down more than Miggy and losing playing time more and more as the years go by in New York.

I think Markakis has a better chance of reaching 3000 than Cano does so it’ll be interesting to see if any or all of these players can reach that big milestone since these are the only 3 near the end of their careers that seem to have a chance at it depending on how long they decide to keep playing for. This shortened season also isn’t doing anyone any favors. Some younger players to keep an eye on who is on decent pace to reaching 3000 hits are Elvis Andrus (31 – 1727), Starlin Castro (30 – 1626), Jose Altuve (30 – 1572), Freddy Freeman (30 – 1457), Eric Hosmer (30 – 1456), and Mike Trout (28 – 1331).

2. 500 Home Runs:

There is only 1 current player that is anywhere close to 500 home runs and that’s Miguel Cabrera once again (480, 30th all-time). Needing only 20 home runs, it’s almost a guarantee he will reach the 500 home run mark by the 2021 season and be the next to hit this milestone. The next 2 behind him are Edwin Encarnacion (415) and Nelson Cruz (404), but with their ages at 37 and 39 at the end of their careers, these seem much more unlikely.

The next current player I think has a chance after Cabrera will be Giancarlo Stanton who currently sits at 310 but is only 30 years old. He should have no problem hitting the 500 home run mark as long as he can stay healthy, which has proven difficult the past few seasons. Other younger players to keep an eye on that have a chance are Mike Trout (28 – 286), Freddy Freeman (30 – 228), Nolan Arenado (29 – 227), Anthony Rizzo (30 – 221), and Bryce Harper (27 – 220).

3. 3000 Strikeouts:

Max Scherzer (35) currently sits at 2713 career strikeouts and would have no problem reaching 3000 by the 2021 season if it weren’t for the shortened season, so it may cause him to wait until 2022, but he will reach it eventually. Zack Greinke will probably be the next after Scherzer to reach 3000. Greinke is 36 with 2624 strikeouts so he should get it if he lasts through the end of 2022. Some others who also have a chance: Cole Hamels (36, 2558), Felix Hernandez (34, 2524), Clayton Kershaw (32, 2464), and Chris Sale (31, 2007).

Which of these players listed in this article end up reaching their milestones? Which young players out there do you see ending up on these lists later on in their careers? Leave your opinions in the comments!

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